Data Collection and Reporting


Data Collection and Reporting


As a consumer, when you start shopping for home inspection vendors, remember that you should be paying for three critical areas of expertise:


  1. A person with a skill set and depth of knowledge to: find and identify defects all while you are explaining the properties components, mechanicals and elements in a meaningful fashion to the client.

  2. Accurately collect on site data and document issues with photographic capability.

  3. Use the information gathered on site combined with the photographs to create a report that reflects the current condition of the property and serves the best interests of the client.


So, when it is time to start shopping home inspectors, it is critically important to focus on these three areas.

Accurate on site data collection is critical to generating an accurate report. Think about our situation: we are going to a property that we may have never seen before, to collect data on several hundred items in the hope that we do not forget anything. You get back to the office and forget something on site . . . there is no time to go back. We have found that an on-site checklist ensures that nothing is missed and allows us to draw a sketch if necessary for review later.



                                 All report are carefully crafted from spending hours at the desk.

WE DO NOT USE ON-SITE REPORT GENERATION.  A couple of methods are in use by the competition: 
     ** One method uses a palm device that has a click-and-paste format and a report is then printed on site. This requires an inspector to generate a report
while you wait. How much thinking goes into that report? There is literally no time to research an issue before reporting it. We often call a colleague, a contractor, check office manuals or do research on the web to seek a second opinion on an issue. We want accuracy in our report and NOT a snap decision. Our reports are formulated on accurate data collection, time for reflection and review of photos in the office.

  ** A second method is using pre-printed carbon copy checklist type reports. A series of boxes are checked, a few notes scribbled, the pages separated and handed to the client on the way out. It is our opinion that carbon copy reporting systems are archaic, outdated and do not deliver information that is useful or beneficial to the client.


An Advanced Property Investigation professional inspection is a comprehensive, unbiased investigation of the current condition of a properties major components, systems and construction by a highly trained skill set expert.


On average, a comprehensive on-site investigation can be 2 up to 5 hours. We leave plenty of time to have an informative discussion with the client on how things work.


At Advanced Property Investigation, our reports are very detailed and specific to the property inspected. We do not include any industry “boiler plate” jargon that has no relevancy to the property or value to the client.


We use state of the art software for report compilation that is constantly upgraded. This software allows integration of photo documentation directly into the report. Not only is there a description of a particular issue but a photo to back it up. 


The Photo Ledger-photos go from here . . . . 



  directly into the reporting software for editing 

Once compiled, the report is uploaded to the internet  where it  can be accessed and downloaded by way of a hyperlink. The client and agent can both be sent a link for their individual review. With our system, a client does not have to waste time faxing, scanning or e mailing multiple pages or photos to their agent.

We know that time-is-of-the-essence in real estate and a well crafted report with immediate access to the inspection findings is a huge time saver”.




Data is collected and reports are compiled with the best available technology


20 – 60 digital photos are included in each report


A summary page “in red” that highlights the more significant issues


Reports include documentation to back up our findings


When a Realtor and the client rave about a report, that means something


It doesn't get any better than this. . .period !