Life Expency of Household Components

Life Expectancy of Household Components

We are often asked during or after a home inspection how long the various items or components in a home will actually last.  Generally, a home inspector's answers have been limited to inductry standards, a best guess based a visual examination of the components or to avoid the answer all together.

In February, 2007, the National Association of Home Builders in conjunction with Bank of America published a study of the life expectancy of nearly every component in your home.  From the foundation to the roof; cabinets to flooring; paints and caulk to HVAC components, plumbing, water heaters and
windows- it's all in the report.  

Readers are advised to use this report with some caution: the items in the report list averages.  The use of or misuse of, proper and timely maintenance, the initial manufacturing process and other environmental factors can all have a significant effect on the useful life of any system or component. Our advice to readers is to keep your home in very good condition and rely on professionals to service the various components at timely intervals.

The report should be used as a general guideline only.  None of the information in this report is intended, nor should be interpreted, as a representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the life expectancy of any individual product or product line.  Product life expectancies should help guide the timing of replacements before failure occurs. Readers should not make buying decisions and/or product selections based solely on the information contained in this report.

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