Radon Testing


We use only the best equipment in our inspection and radon mitigation business. Our clients rely on accuracy, efficient reporting and quick turnaround.

Model 1027 Sun Nuclear Continuous Monitor

We have found this equipment to be one of the best radon detectors on the market. It is rugged, easy to set up and provides excellent recordable data. We have three monitors in use and have completed over 5000 tests.


1. The device has both a digital display and a report that can be generated on site with a connected printer or downloaded to a computer in the office. Once the computer download is complete, the data can easily be incorporated into our company report.
2. The monitor works on 120 volt power with battery back up.  Even if the powers is interupted, the monitor continue to run.

3. The unit employs built in sensors to detect and report movement of the device. This device litelly eliminates any tampering.  Any movement is noted on the printed report for evaluation and a possible retest.

4. The unit has sensors built in for power interuption. If the device is disconnected and moved to a new location and then moved back, both the power and motion indicators will be noted on the printout.

5. The monitor can be cleared in seconds and is ready for another test the same day.

6. The greatest strength to this equipment is the instant read capability.  Clients need information in a hurry in real estate transactions and do not want to wait a week for a lab report  from a charcoal cannister test.