Contractor list





NOTICE TO USERS-We are providing a link at the bottom of this page  which has the  list of contractors from the HBRA (Home Builders and Remodelers  Association)for your  personal use and at your own peril.

We offer the following advice and precautions:

1. The  link is from the HBRA website. You may also check the local yellow pages, friends, family and neighbors  for other sources.

2. We do not guarantee any work provided by any of these contractors.

3. We  receive no financial benefit or stipend from the HBRA or any  contractor on there list.

4. You must do your homework before hiring anyone irregardless of the size of the project.

5. When in doubt about a project gone aray, please call us to come out and inspect the project on your behalf.  Dont wait until  the issue explodes into firing the contractor or calling an attorney.

6.  For large projects, we can, at your request, do periodic inspections at various stages of the project. 

7. Before making a final payment, we recommend an inspection of the  completed project.  This will prevent you from finding any issues down the road.


1. Meet with at least 3 contractors who have the company  size sufficient to complete your project in a reasonable time frame.

2. Choose contractors who have at least 10 years in business.

3. Choose contractors who have the specific trade  and expertise for your project. (i.e.-You do not need to hire a general contractor to paint your home. )

4. Ask for and check  at least 3 references from each contractor before proceeding with asking for any proposals.

5. Ask for proof of general insurance and worker compensation insurance. Any  business with employees must have workers comp insurance. Have them send you a binder for proof.

6. Check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints. Call the Vt. Secretary of States office for proper business registration.  Check the Vt. Attorney Generals office for any pending or past ligitation against a contractor.

7. Dont forget to check the contractors sub-contractors as well.  Get a list and check them out.

8. Seek proposals from the 3 selected contractors.  For a small fee, we can check all the proposals and  help sort thru the information so you can make an educated decision.

9. Make sure the final contact "spells out all of the details "of the project.  (a proposal that says " we will replace your roof for $5000.00" is not going to get it any more.)

Cllick on HBRA logo below for the link to there membership list.  On the HBRA site, in the center, click on category ; the county in which the project is located; a key word if needed; and click search. Good Luck with your project!
**We are here if you need us.**