Radon Links




Before you make any important decisions regarding radon testing or mitigation, we suggest you visit the following sites and read the publications. PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK. We have included links to the top sources for radon information to help you develop a plan for the safety and health of your family.



The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists


Vermont Department of Health


National Radon Safety Board


United States Environmental Protection Agency


National Environmental Health Association-National Radon Proficiency Program






Home Buyer's and Sellers Guide to Radon


A Citizens Guide to Radon


Consumers Guide to Radon Reduction


A Radon Guide for Tenants






You can order a free long term test kit from the Vermont Department of Health by e-mail:

E-mail your request to radon@vdh.state.vt.us.

  • put the words “Radon Test Kit” in the subject line

  • be sure to include your name and Vermont mailing address

Or call them at 1-800-439-8550