Client Testimonials





I have used Paul for 20 years to inspect homes and properties that I have been purchasing and he is the only inspector I recommend to my clients.   He is thorough and detailed. You will learn a lot if you accompany him on a visit to the property. The realtors never recommend him because he reports what he finds regardless of the effect on the transaction.


Liam L. Murphy, Esq.
MSK Attorneys
275 College Street
Burlington, Vt.  05401


I would like to recognize Paul for his professionalism and thoroughness of his approach.  He made several observations during his inspection about issues that were not up to code.  His feed back served as the catalysis for the builder to have these issues rectified to my satisfaction.  Through his website I was able to identify another industry professional to provide additional inspection follow up that led to the resolution of an important issue.  Most importantly, Paul continued to stay in touch throughout the process to insure that the problem was rectified to my and his satisfaction.  It is rare to have a service provider  demonstrate a sense of ownership in this type of problem resolution.  I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to others that are interested in excellent service and follow up.
Patrick Delaney   Co
mmissioner of the Department of Liquor Control

I am writing on behalf of Advanced Property Investigation, owned and operated by Paul Lyman. I own a Mortgage Company and the only residential building inspector that I recommend to my clients when purchasing a home is Advanced Property Investigation. On a personal level, Paul has always performed residential inspection reports on various sales my husband and I were involved in. Paul is so knowledgeable and catches items of concerns that could cost a potential buyer thousands of dollars had he not caught the repair issue. Very pleased to work with Paul and we highly recommend him!

Ann and Steven Hills

Hills of Vermont Residential Mortgage Brokers, Inc.


Dear Paul:

I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on the inspection of the home my wife and I are buying in Burlington.

Although we gave you unreasonably short notice of when we needed the inspection, you made it easy for us to meet a short deadline.

Your inspection was thorough, clear and extremely informative. As one who tends to worry about stuff I know nothing about—like electrical systems and plumbing—I especially appreciate the advice you offered on maintenance, and the way you pointed out the many things that were done right in the home I'm buying.

I also appreciate the way you dealt with things that concerned you about the home. You offered clear advice and—something that really impressed me since many “experts” tend to make off-the-cuff judgments that may or may not be correct—you helped put me in touch with real experts on any issue that you thought required further investigation.

Finally, I am impressed with your follow up after the inspection. Not only will your report continue of help over the many years I expect to own this home, but you've also called to make sure that all the loose ends were tied up. Thanks for all of your help


Rick Blount



Dear Mr. Lyman

I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent job you performed on inspecting the old farmhouse that my wife and I will purchase in New Haven, Vermont. Your inspection was painstakingly thorough and your attention to details amazed both the Realtor and me. You uncovered defects that made us aware of necessary repairs and allowed us to re-negotiate the selling price of the house. This will undoubtedly save us a significant sum of money which can be applied toward repairs. Your advice on general prevention and maintenance will allow us to keep the house in good condition, and improve energy efficiency. Having bought an older home one year ago in Massachusetts, which is now being sold, I have had the opportunity to compare several professional home inspectors. You were, by far, the most expert and thorough.

As a physician, I appreciate both good preventative and diagnostic skills. I was very impressed with your's.


Ellis H. Tobin M.D.


To whom it may concern:

My wife and I wish to thank API for the inspection performed on a home we had under deposit in South Burlington. With little notice, API was able to accommodate our schedule, perform a thorough inspection and produce a concise, understandable report all at a very affordable price.

We were extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and depth of knowledge possessed by our inspector, Paul. As first time home buyers, we had many concerns. These were quickly alleviated as Paul explained the work being performed and patiently answered all our questions. With so many things to worry about when purchasing a home, it was comforting to know our home “passed” a rigorous inspection from the roof to the foundation.

We are recommending API to all of our friends as a company with high standards in an otherwise unregulated industry.


Mark and Michele Erle


Dear Mr. Lyman

I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent job you did regarding the home inspection you recently performed on my behalf. I have hired home inspectors before, and I must admit that I have never seen anyone perform such detailed work. I believe that your greatest compliment was when the seller commented, “I can't believe that guy, he even unscrewed the covers on the furnace to check inside”.

You were clearly working for me, not the seller or the Realtor, which was very comforting when I was about to make such a large investment. The bottom line is that you saved thousands of dollars in costly repairs, and for that reason, I am expressing my gratitude. I have recommended you to others, so I hope more well deserved business heads your way in the future.


Mark Ireland



Dear Paul

Thank you so much for your detailed report. You do a very thorough job, and covered everything we were hoping you would and then some! We have presented the sellers with the safety issues you suggested for their corrective action. And, we have learned that they have already addressed them. They seem like nice homeowners who care about their home. We will definitely recommend your services to others!! Thanks again.


John and Nancy Stancil

We have used Paul as an inspector for the past 10 years and he is top notch. He is meticulous and catches issues that other inspectors would not see. He really cares about his work, and goes above 110% for his clients. Plus, he is very accessible to answer questions or to explain why a particular problem  is a short or long term issue. He points out other red flags that a homeowner might not think about. If a house is in good shape, then he will let you know, as he did with our current house. But he will also identify  the significant defects that may affect the buying decision. I would not hesitate to recommend paul to anyone.

Pamela Moreau, Esq.